La vida es una trepidante aventura. Y yo, una sonrisa exploradora.
I si aquest somriure es cau... és només per tornar-se a alçar, havent vist el terra de prop.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I get my bare pass and keep on with my life, please?

I am suddenly anxious.

It seems that my words do not make sense at all.

Surely there are more interesting learning experiences out there that writing an essay for which I do not have any clarity of purpose.

The same all over again. I start very excited, thinking I am going to kick their asses with at least an 80%! I am going to work so hard, yes! [… then time passes…] I end up thinking: What a piece of crap, why do I need to spend time of this? Let's try to get it done quickly with a bare pass…

Consumption is such an interesting thing to consider, but one needs to acknowledge that there is not enough time to read propperly about it all, nor enough space in 1500 words to write about it.

Plus, singing at the Femmstruation week events was both joyful and discouraging.

Somebody get me back home, please.

There were you can smell real oranges, where the sun greets you almost every day, where the stars are not shy amongst the clouds and the salty sea, through your window, does not understand what "evening" means. There where streets are not merely ways to get from A to B, where partying is called "festa" (and it really means so!) and it manages to take my granny atittudes away as if even the thought of them seemed surreal.

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